Wednesday 31 August 2022


maybe this day this will be recycled too, for someone who gets it

and all that matters so as to enjoy life...even with a nipper in tow...towing you back to being a REAL ooman
not that any Brit seems to even want that.
So we are off....

 even little one couldnt respect my wishes for my new name she asked a decade ago "Heath..i so hate Simon"

And tomorrow it will be Ralph, only, forever....

because he seemed to be the only adult i ever met in UK who truly did cherish everything of having a kid under your wing...a lot. For years.

and i have no idea of any other cos no one seems to know who they are... well, bully for me i do.

Just a new picture i like maybe one day i shall show or at least leave behind for the one i always have a duty to find good culture for, no matter what.

the la rochelle

the story

And that story was a man - typical effete dilettante man...

who had done everything by about 35...everything...

one day 22 years ago is sat in a restaurant in La Rochelle alone there with 2 year old lass...on one of their many campervan roamings her and him...only for her - to see that world.

So so enjoying what to come that despite it being overrated as food, a plate of Fruits De Mere ! we will have as she will learn about food... her eyes will pop out at the plate of popped out eyes..

But then  there are tantrums.

And awaiting half an hour our plat...

"oh woe is me... we are ruining their sunday lunch all the families so happy...if England all would be staring at us... grimacing..... here they don't, but they do mind.....what a racket...leather lungs... "

but then it only took just a few minutes of picking her up and gently pacing around out front show her the seagulls show her other distractions and before you knowit a smiley 2 year old ...

and a bit of ingenuity "can we please move to that table ext to the fishtank.?...sorry to inconvenience..." in bad frog

More distraction so interesting.

But the look five minutes later  from the elegant Frog mum ... her look at made life worth living like no Playgirl on crack in Antigua,  enjoying the crack with you all birds eye view of The Matterhorn from me driving alone beside it.... none of it....even the first time making love with Andrea, total true love of my 20s.... 

her look, that said only "mister.......shes lovely and........well done... you did it.... that takes a good heart in the right place..i saw you...."

made all of life worth all of it...always..

And is the only skill there is to learn or  teach other fucker around to care...

Though there are may better...stories.

especially the razor ones..

in audio

And i want to go to Bolivia for selfish reasons too...

in audio

and i will ....with someone!

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