Saturday 3 September 2022

But the beginning of nothing


i need to get back to this

But i don't ever interact with a  screen at night, or in fact after lunchtime..

a good film is different..its not 'interaction' even if one is interacting with a hologram... after hours.


But i need to get back to this only this. And when i operate. No one else. 

And as the autumn weather hasn't started me it is still the last day of summer.

And thus i write in my stilted rushed way of the summer as the winter is for poetry.

Summer is for living poetically.

Now these last two images are about the most parable like evocative i have ever taken in years of many lovely images coming to me - so so enhanced by the worst of losses 13 years ago.

It is as if i look through a zoom lense and the most fabulously vibrant filter. Only since then.

And i never play with images. Never would dream of cropping or enhancing. Lfe is too short ot to know onesself what is in the image at the time. And all photoshop a waste of time, which could be used for more evocative image taking.

This however is cropped. It is about what is in the other half of the picture. That so perfectly shows the way i will live the rest of my life n matter what. Or whom..

BUt then,the problem with pictures is often they are part of something else and without hat something else they look nothing

These are only 'for' a recording.

A nine minutes that simply made itself up as i spoke.

And i think it is the best word picture i have ever spoken.

But it is only for one person, only 'inspired' ... 

challenged is a better word.

If you think someone is important challenge them

(to be their 'bestest' self, obviously duhh..)

we only really challenge those we love or at least really value.

And the best of challenges,  is knowing what to say. Though to many mute it is the worst of hurdles.

And i have never raised to that challenge so well.

Ever a long way.

I think my metaphor or word picture today is about as good as they get.

But what are mere words...

there are only ever what next


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