Sunday 4 September 2022

hahh hahh got it part 2

but 'it' - is only "universal" .... 

and there are lots more parts.

The real version at last. and never ever think that anyone can impinge of that special Sunday mood that comes now'n again -  and at today's plug how how interesting!

Yanks are taught the great book in school

and from the mouth of such a beautiful yank too.

"if he....[ he says nodding down The Centre's hall] doesnt cry when his daughter makes him read out the last chapter out loud.... as would be the case if she were stood in front of me now demanding exactly that of my rancid old baldie dad.... leave him for a man that does.....I'm in a Phily Mood today so you can take me back home with you hope here..and as we seeem to agree our fucking 'anal sex' ... 'for effect' as you say...rotten defunct old Fleabag... with fancy lipstick doiesnt hide NOTHING to say...has simply nothing on the truest genius with his pen of all time....almost....Master Don..Glover... and his yes take me to Atlanta.... where there may be just one ensemble of sanity left cos only THE pen takes us back from here... oh you agree... the goddesses on their periods are fuckwits unless... I stick my pen up at them and say...sit on this babes.... and i hope it hurts... metap-whore-ically..."

war begins.


Except i never met an enemy worth fighting so maybe it ends.


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