Thursday 28 July 2022

And .."at last"

 Such a  dramatic title, sounding entitled.

We are to nothing.

But then when out of only ghostly dysfunction arises something, 'else'.....

Which looks such a naff, irrelevant pitch - but then to pitch, one needs that magic ingredient.

And also a knowledge - not a dream or false wish, or pretend Facebook post, that one is truly reborn, even if one wasn't ever dead. And also the knowing that old goats can still fly with the black bunnies and dance their dance, but stay foot on the ground too.

In a more spirited and energetic way  than any  mere nipper.


And at 'last'.

But to begin:

She told me, what it means, is about and what she means...

"well it is in a dialect..."


Even if i knew all along,  without knowing her dialect or language. Much.


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