Sunday 2 October 2022

 and because 2020 was the sublimest year in history gone and wasted another tenner on

and because never mind her fuckin dentist still she made me smile so poignantly in 20121...her picture of serge burning his muzzle after "confinement"  i shall also waste another tenner on poignant2021

Only because, though don't tell her - Mrs "poignant" 2022 has become these last few months so midfuckingly endless sublime poignant smiley fun.... it just won't stop so as to allow me time to write about any of them.. So all of it must be one day woven together ...and already is. Even if the first draft extant in my mind. Every moment.

And the only meaning of life the poor sick mindfulnesses goddesses do not sell you as they wouldnt know how is in letting go for just a few months - "journeying from picture top to picture bottom" is just the last  three months of the last  thirty. 

 And never mind three months back mainly thanks to her: half Herr, half...well the other half considers a woman to be half a man... thirty months  ago feels, seems, IS so ridiculously three decades ago....  in feeling no different than just that. 

All of them 'want' to have a life so full they cannot even recall three years ago was it they signed up to Alithea’s mindfulness walks around a public fuckin park... because it worked. But it seems like just like yesterday...  because nothing actually ever happens for them.


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